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Superb Media Servers at Sensible Prices!


Vivadi offers a full range of media servers that seamlessly integrate and simplify all of your digital home entertainment.  

We deliver over 95% of the functionality of the market leading media server brand, at around 35% of the cost!

What is a media server?
Essentially it's a cross between a computer and a set-top box, storing all the contents of your CDs, MP3s, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs on a hard drive. It connects to your TV and hi-fi and delivers all of your music and movies in the quickest, neatest and simplest way possible. This can be in a single room, or all over the house if you wish. Once you've loaded all your media onto the server then you don't need the discs anymore, so you can banish them to the loft to free up space and remove clutter!
What does it do?
That depends on which model you choose. The simplest media servers just store your music and movies, but they can also give you TV, radio, internet and games if you like!
What does it cost?
A single room media server costs from 499 up to the flagship model at 2,499. Multi-room systems start at 1,999 and a premium 10 room system costs 8,999.
How do I choose?
Start by deciding how many rooms you want to start with, then follow the links below and we’ll show you the options. Don’t worry, all of our systems can be easily expanded, so you can start small and grow whenever you wish!

single room         multi-room